I was "tagged", I think... right Mckell? If not i figured in light of Valentines Day I would post some oldies of me and my better half.
4th of July- Sugar House Park 2005
Zion National Park August 2005

Engagement pics October 2005

Our Wedding Day- Mesa, AZ December 2005
Honey Moon in Orlando December 2005

New Years Eve 2005
Where it all began, Applebees- SLC (pic from April 2006)

Mexico May 2006
Work Christmas Party- SLC December 2006
Phoenix Zoo December 2006
Gecko Grill- AZ December 2006

Easter- St. George April 2007

Liberty Park Ward Primary class May 2007
Father's Day BBQ- Sugarhouse Park June 2007
Landon's birth- SLC July 2007

Disneyland October 2007

Chrisma-Palooza- SCL December 2007

Christmas Pics-AZ 2008

Sadly we only got one camera phone pic of this years Valentines Day 2010

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dan and ashley said...

oh i love reminiscing! applebees.....

McKell said...

Awesome! Thanks Amy! I remember the Palooza! There was a crapload of snow and we barely made it there :) I love you guys!

Melinda said...

Cute pics....Cute couple!

RegaNater said...

I just saw the post about you moving to penn. What??! We haven't hung out yet, you can't leave:( How long will you be gone? I'm happy for you though