big boy bed.

We are staying with my parents (yes, again) for a couple of months until we make the big move east. I thought that instead of setting up the crib, Landon could just use the "big boy" bed that is already set up. We were a little nervous since I've heard horror stories about this particular transition. Landon has always been great at going to bed and I didn't want to jeopardize a good habit. However, he is a very large 2 year old and I don't know if our old crib can handle much more weight... or jumping for that matter. We made sure to tell him the crib was "all gone" and that he would be sleeping in Landon's big boy bed, then we omitted his afternoon nap. That night with Bronco in hand we laid him down and hoped for the best. He probably laid there for an hour talking/playing but slept through the night and didn't budge the next morning. He just continued his conversation (with his car) where he left off the night before. He actually stays in bed until we come and get him in the mornings, I am thrilled with such a smooth transition! Now, if we can only get him potty trained.


Stew and Terry said...

Way to go Landon and mom and dad! We love your blog, it's the best! We love you so much!

Melinda said...

Lucky! He is just way too too cute

Posey Cowart said...

i just love your post. Seriously, Landon reminds me of bro!