Our Hero

Last weekend we celebrated the life of a true hero, my cousin Jake.

Sergeant First Class Glen Jacob Whetten was killed in Afghanistan while defending MY liberty. The overwhelming respect present throughout the services was beautiful. I feel so honored to have known this great man. My Aunt Amy, (Jake's mother) wrote this poem and gave it at Jake's funeral, it was perfect.

To Jake
It seems like just the other day
When every time we knelt to pray
Someone would be sure to say,
“Please send us Jake”

Of course, we didn’t know your name,
But Heavenly Father knew our aim:
The son and brother we would claim.
He sent us Jake.

You had a loving, gentle touch,
And never fought or squabbled much
–(Except with G I Joes and such.)
Our Peaceful Jake

You always had a clever knack
Of asking us when we’d be back
(Which hints secrets I still lack!)
Our Plotting Jake

A quiet kid; I rarely knew
If schoolwork ever bothered you
–Till homework came up “overdue.”
Our Silent Jake

We seldom saw your feisty side
Unless it had to do with pride,
Like breaking your hand on a bicycle ride!
Our Fearless Jake

To your growing years came many a friend
With SOONS as the favorite place to spend
And backyard games that had no end.
Our Southside Jake

There was no “calling” we could see,
But you just joined R.O.T.C.
We had no inkling WHAT you’d be:
Our Soldier Jake

Then to Hawaii, and married a while
To Lacy, with her pretty smile.
Ariana was born – your precious child.
Her Daddy Jake

There were brothers found around the world;
Total devotion to our flag unfurled
And to Megan Hughes, a beautiful girl.
Our Loving Jake

We’ll never know all you have seen,
The awful danger where you’ve been,
And hell, beyond imagining.
Our Valiant Jake

Our hearts hurt every time you’d go–
A Ranger; a Leader for others to know;
--Concern/Love/Pride all in a row--
Our Hero Jake

Please know you’ll never go too far
For prayers to follow where you are,
And LOVE, sure as the Northern Star,
For You, Our Jake

-Amy Whetten


Kell said...

Oh that is so sad Amy. I'm sorry for your families loss and for his wife and child. I can't imagine going through that.

laurice romney. said...

so sorry. I didn't realize he is your cousin. He also is related to a bunch of people in the town I live in and many of them attended the funeral. Our town has been receiving so many e-mails telling us all of what an amazing, courageous and missed man he is.

Melinda said...

Amy thank you so much for the wonderful, beutiful wall hanging you guys made for us. I will hang it with pride. Thanks we love you