I consider St. Patrick's Day one of those fake holidays. This year however, we decided to go green. Don't worry, I am no more Eco friendly than before, I am speaking literally. My friend Sara, and I flew out of the desert and across the country to much greener pastures. We went to visit our good friend Posey, who lives in Savannah Georgia. It was beautiful, everywhere you look is green. There are so many trees you can barely see the sky. We were able to attend the St. Patty's parade, and some other fun festivities going on that week. It was so good to get a break and spend time with great friends. I got to try fried alligator (chewy) and my new favorite, fried green tomatoes!
There was also a lovely beach nearby.
This was my first ferry ride, on our way to the parade.


Kell said...

Looks like you had a blast! I'm jealous, looks like a fun trip.

Posey Cowart said...

awe..... I love all those pics. You better be planning your trip back down here this summer!