The boys took my dad to NASCAR this year for his birthday. Why anyone wants to watch a bunch of cars drive in a circle for 500 miles is beyond me. It must be one of those "guy" things, along with every other sport. Sam said it was amazing and insists that I go next time. I'm glad they had such a great time, but does NASCAR even come to Connecticut? Oh darn!
On a slightly different note, we took Landon to race some cars of our own. The Indy cars at Golfland are his new favorite activity. The operator had no problem believing Landon was 3 yrs old. He loves to go as fast as possible, so he rides with dad. I still like to brake around corners (and other cars).

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star valley farmers? said...

You are so clever. Your blog is so much fun to read. DC was amazing!! Connecticut would be a fun place to live. Parkers friend, Charlie Jenkins is in Hartford on a mission until June.. maybe you will meet him. I would love to come and visit!!Best of luck!!