dear hot wheels...

Why must you make over 2 billion different tiny cars? Furthermore, I was wondering why you price them just low enough for me to justify buying one for Landon EVERY time we go to the store. Since they are sold everywhere I pray every time we walk into a store that Landon won't remember to ask/whine for one. He loves these cars more than anything and lights up whenever he gets a chance to play with them, even if it means taking one to bed. As of now we have over 50 and every single one has a name. (Even as I type this, Landon is insisting on "racing" Beetle and Hummer as close to the keyboard as he can get.) I am thrilled that such an inexpensive toy can keep my boy entertained for hours. However, my days of being suckered are over! Hot Wheels have a new purpose, they happen to make the perfect bribe for Landon to use the potty. Simply post a car on the wall near the toilet and suddenly he wants to poop on the potty. He has earned 3 cars this way, and hopefully many many more!

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