the Diz

We decided to redeem our free Disney vouchers a few weeks ago. We prepped Landon be telling him we were going to Mickey's house. After the drive, he loved every minute of our short trip! The highlight was meeting the "real" Buzz Lightyear. We went with my parents and brother's family. A couple of Sam's friends met up with us at the park, for a great time!

^^ Why was I deprived of this in my youth??


Kell said...

jealous... would you say landon was a good age to go? just making future plans, haha.

Molly and Wayne said...

The best pic is of Landon grabbing himself because he is so excited..... Gotta love that he is discovering his junk already!!!!!


Melinda said...

Awww I love these pics. What a fun trip! Glad you all had a fun time. We are trying to go when Ari is here this summer so I hope it works out!

RegaNater said...

I miss you! When are u coming back?

brynley said...

i love disneyland!!
looks like you guys had so fun.
hope your move goes well.