Sam's brother, John, was called to serve a mission in Leeds England. Luckily Sam was able to tear himself away from his studies the weekend before we moved and fly to St. George for the farewell. In order to save money and finish packing, Landon and I were scheduled to stay home. For some reason I just couldn't bear the thought of the whole family together for the last time (for 2 years) without us. I made a spur of the moment decision, threw Landon in the car and headed to St. George. I didn't even tell Sam I was coming up, I just climbed into bed next to him once we got there, around 3am. The next morning John gave an awesome talk in church. Sam was excited to see us, and I was so happy we had the chance to see everyone before the move.

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Kambria Smith said...

Seriously! You didn't tell anyone at home either... we didn't get a chance to give Landon his going away pres which means he has to wait to get his sparkly Mexican wrestling mask instead. Send your new address