my move

Since I married a saint, I was able to fly across the country instead of follow a moving truck for 3000 miles with a 2yr old in my backseat. Needless to say, Sam and I have very different stories about our move. Here is mine.
I decided to fly to Buffalo, NY with my mom since my brother would be graduating Dental school the same time we were headed east anyway. Richard and Erica were great hosts and let me use a space heater while sleeping in the attic. The stay was actually very lovely, and it only snowed once. They showed us the sites and put up with us for a few days. For Landon it was quite the dynamic coming from little boys the weekend before, to a house full of little girls. He enjoyed playing with his girl cousins for a change, and didn't yell at the baby once! We had a great time, and hope to be able to see more of our east coast family.

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Melinda said...

FUN! I miss all the kids