settling in

We made it! Sam left AZ Sunday morning. My mom, Landon, and I left Buffalo Wednesday morning and by 1pm we met Sam in Connecticut. Toll roads are retarded, other than that it was a lovely drive. We got through half of To Kill a Mocking Bird which I quite enjoyed! I don't know where I was when everyone in high school was reading it, but I had never heard it before and plan to finish it soon. Sam's brother, Taylor and my mom deserve awards for both helping with the move, and putting up with my initial shock. Let's just say that this apartment is not as luxurious as our previous home. With the help of a paid handy man and some feminine touches (thanks again for whipping up some curtains, mom) we have ourselves a lovely little place to call home for the next 27 months.
(This was not taken at our apartment... but it is the campus where Sam will be spending the majority of his time over the next 2 yrs)


Jacob and Natalli said...

Houston has tollways too! And beltways, and FMs, and loads of confusing crap. hate it.

RhondaLue said...

moms are the best, aren't they? So glad you had some good help moving. It's got to be so exciting and scary all wrapped up into one!