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We took a couple days while everyone was still in town to do some sightseeing/exploring. Of course we looked up some good food places first. Yes, our priorities are still in line. Lucky for us this place is LOADED with fabulous food. Just down the road is Ted's featured on Man vs. Food. It was of course, delicious! Since then, we have also experienced some fantastic seafood, and cheesestakes. Oh! And a horribly wicked sundae covered in hot peanut butter and fudge. (you're such a bad influence, mom!) Last Sunday we ventured out to the beach. It was, like everything else, beautiful. We relaxed for a bit and came home.I am more and more optimistic about this place, and even excited to do a little more exploring!


Kambria Smith said...

jel! I need a hot peanut butter fudge sundae now!

Stew and Terry said...

AHH! I miss you guys. Great pics!Love you and your fam. Hope to see you soon!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

can i visit please and find a jackson pollack in a thrift store with you?