just coloring

After yelling upstairs to Landon, "What are you doing?", I should have jumped at his answer, "just coloring". He's always been really good about following the rules, so I didn't think twice about giving my 3yr old a pack of markers for his dry erase board.
Fast-forward 10min, I hear Landon asking me for some clothes. I figured he just wanted some shorts on. He must have been tired of waiting and decided it would be better to just color some on instead. Lately he's been all about drawing cars, after cleaning off his body I found this little treat in his bed.


Em said...

That's awesome! He's quite artistic, and I can see a bit of your rain gutter shelf-looks good!

RhondaLue said...

nice car! Ricky took a perm. marker to his bunk bed and drew a ton of army guys with guns and machine guns. IT was so cute and creative that I couldn't even be mad for long.

But his best work of art came when he found a black perm. marker and drew a ninja mask all around his eyes and it wouldn't wash off for church the next day. Awesome. ;)

Stew and Terry said...

How funny! Hope thesuch walls were spared!Hi Landon!!!

Stew and Terry said...

(Woops!)That was supposed to be hope the walls were spared.

Shawn, Hayley and Jack said...

Oh Boy!!! I hate messes like that!

If you ever hear of a cheap flight let us know. It would be so fun to come and see you guys. Hope all is going well.

Kambria Smith said...

haha! all my siblings are so good at making me realize tehre's no rush to have children.

Oh, and it was Steven, though I'm sure you've said that about an equally monstrous movie. haha