mother's day

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful boys. Tyra Banks once told me that a stay at home mom would earn roughly $130 thousand a year if she was paid for all the work that comes with being a mom. Sam still makes fun of me for arguing this fact... probably because Tyra Banks is an idiot. Even though it feels like the hardest job in the world at times, I wouldn't give it up for anything. Thanks to my awesome kids, who fill my life with love.And a special thanks to the mothers in my family for their example and selfless love.


Kell said...

i love pics of you and your boys :)

Melinda said...

You are a wonderful mommy! Landon, Crew and your 10 other kids are lucky to have you.

Stew and Terry said...

We are so blessed to have such wonderful Mother's in our family! Your the best Amy!!!!