buff's wedding

In May we took a trip to AZ for my sister Bethany's wedding. We debated being able to go with Crew just 5 weeks old. I seemed to be fully healed from the surgery by then so we loaded up and flew out. The flight there was awful. There is just too much crap to haul when you travel with kids! Plus there isn't a non stop flight out of Hartford, so travel time gets WAY too long. We stayed with my brother in their very large house which made things comfortable, however, both my son and husband are now addicted to video games. We had an awesome girl's night making Buff lingerie and eating treats. I got to see some great friends and definitely got my fill of great food. Living so far away I miss my family and am so grateful we were ALL able to get together for the event!


Melinda said...

It was great seeing your cute family. I personally think you should of stayed the summer. Wait it was 118 yesterday OK maybe not...LOL

Girls night was fun and The boys looked adorable at wedding.

Stew and Terry said...

Love you and your family! Awesome Wedding, so glad you could make it.