road trip!

My brother Richard, and his wife went on a cruise last month. They flew my mom out to watch their kids for the week they were gone. Somehow she made a pit stop in CT and let us tag along. Before we headed down the coast mom got to see some of the sites around here.
Our first stop was Boston. We walked the Freedom Trail, ate some great sea food, and of course stopped at Mike's Pastry for a cannoli.The U.S.S Constitution Museum on the Freedom Trail. Our first dessert, Godiva Chocolate Truffle Milkshakes. The next day we took a nice walk around Wallingford, enjoyed some of Wentworth's homemade icecream and had fun looking at some REALLY old graves.This cemetery is right in the middle of the town we live inSome of these graves are from the 1500's! Next on the agenda was a day in NYC! We got stuck in a tunnel in Manhattan for an hour on our way to the Staten Island Ferry, but once we boarded it was awesome!After seeing Lady Liberty we ate some fabulous Greek food and saw the City sites.Times SquareWe saw the Naked Cowgirl (who is about 100yrs old btw) but mom wouldn't get a pic with her because the line was too long...

... and speaking of things that are long,

After a week of fun here, we started our loooooooooong journey down the east coast. An hour out we hit heavy traffic in New York crossing the George Washington Bridge and it didn't stop for 700 miles until we got to Landon's favorite new place, "Dick's beach house". Crew and Landon were SO good through our miserable trek, but why didn't anybody tell us there would be constant traffic traveling through 8 states and every major city on the east coast??? Once we arrived we realized it was well worth it! Emerald Isle is beautiful and we had a blast all week.

This is what happens when you drag a 4yr old through NYC traffic. Thank goodness Landon is a boy.Almost there!Once we got there, Richard grabbed some fresh seafood and whipped up a divine feast! We walked to the beach almost every day. The water was warm and the kids were so good! The first thing Landon did everytime was write his name in the sand, then he was good to go!Ella and Landon would have stayed in the water through the night if we let them.Dinner with cousins after a great beach day!After dinner one night we sat on the deck and watched the sunset.

One day we loaded up the troops and ventured to the aquarium. Here is what an SUV stuffed with 5 car seats looks like.

After an awesome week with cousins we headed home. Traffic was significantly reduced traveling north. Here I adapted Landon's car seat so that he could sleep more comfortably. I'm so happy my mom included me in this adventure and that Richard and Erica decided to live on the beach. We had SO much fun, and Landon asks daily when we're going back to Dick's beach house.


Bethany'sBazodi said...

I feel like there are dozens of photos where mom is crouched behind a dessert, making the same face. Maybe a calendar should be made.

Melinda said...

This is awesome! What fun memories. I am so jealous. Looks like a lovely place.