Last month we were warned that the entire East Coast was going to be hit by a hurricane. I had no idea what to expect, this being my first hurricane and all, so I obeyed the news folk and tried to load up on batteries and water. However, upon arriving at various stores this is what I found...They told us it would be a level 3 hurricane by the time it hit CT. We had a pretty good supply of things in our minuscule "food storage" but everyone was FREAKING out so I felt like I needed to be overly prepared. Seeing the stores and all the frantic people was the scariest part of the whole thing. I understand the importance of having a food storage, and being prepared now that I've lived through this tiny drama. The storm came and went. Sam and Landon took advantage of church being cancelled and even sat on the stoop and watched the storm for a bit when our power was knocked out. A lot of people had a lot of damage, and no power for a long time. We are SO lucky to have been "hit" so mildly. Our power was back on within 24 hours. I am so grateful for our safety and the safety of our close friends and family in this situation. Another bonus to living in the southwest... NO HURRICANES!

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