Christmas Eve

This was our first year spending Christmas on our own, just our little family.  Our great friends out here, the Shelleys, had sweet a party on Christmas Eve.  The party was complete with ugly sweaters, Minute to Win It games, white elephant gift exchange, and delicious food! All the guests were cool too, we are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives!
 After the party, the Christmas Elves stopped by our place with some festive PJ's.

On a semi-related note; For some reason, I had to drag my entire family into Joann's.  While we were there Landon found a Christmas sign he would not let go. He though it completely necessary in order for Santa to know where to stop.  To my udder surprise Sam exclaimed, "I could totally make that for WAY cheaper!".  I put him to the test and this is what they came up with...

It went up Christmas Eve, just in time! (why is it always like that with crafting?)
I think he spent $7 total, more than 50% savings compared to the one in the store (the bigger bonus is now I know he can craft!). The one I saw at Joann's was more appropriately sized, about the size of a pie tin, but I suppose the boys wanted to "beef it up" a little bit.  Landon was insistent on the glitter since the one at the store was also smattered in it. I will admit to doing the lettering, I used the freezer paper method. Yes- I ironed paper to wood, it sounds crazy and was a little awkward but it worked like a charm! I was a little reluctant to put such a LARGE decoration in front of our tiny stoop, but I think it turned out great!
Landon refused to stare into the sun for a picture.

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