One of the best things about the holidays is seeing all the houses in the neighborhood decorated with lights.  There is one house on our street that gets especially excited for both Halloween and Christmas.  To say they get "especially excited" is actually an understatement.  Without fail they cover every inch of their property with every decoration, twinkle lights, and blow up character known to man. This year we took an evening stroll to visit this magical winter wonderland, mostly for documenting purposes.  These photos don't do it justice and I was too chicken to get out of my car and visit during the day.  The people who live there are SO nice, and have signs telling you to park in their driveway and get out and take pictures.  Boo Radley is even there to greet you with a smile and a candy cane.  Although it may look a little crazy, I am grateful for people with such holiday spirit that are able to spread some Christmas cheer!

Our destination in the distance
This carriage is up year round. 
The usual full-sized plastic horse and human couple
have been replaced by Mr and Mrs Claus.

I found this on my phone from their Halloween set up.

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Erica said...

Richard had a patient in dental school that we nicknamed Boo Radley! He lived alone, so we secretly dropped off a box of Christmas decorations on his doorstep one year. I have no idea what his name really is either.