a month in UT

After Sam's 4 week Pediatric rotation, we flew up to Vegas, rented a car and drove to St George for his Urology rotation. On our way out of Vegas we met up with a bunch of Sam's cousins over at Grandpa Bandley's house.  It was so nice to see everyone again! Landon and Crew got to finally meet their Great Grandpa. We stayed with Sam's parents in St George and got to do lots of playing!

The boys with Great Grandpa Bandley

Landon with his cousins at the Pinewood Derby

Jack and Landon at the scout camp out

Crew and Will

Crew's first ride in a "big boy" car seat

Crew playing out back at the Grandma & Grandpa Shum's

Landon and Uncle Tay's new toy

Landon learning to ride WITHOUT training wheels!
We had tons of fun playing with cousins and just hanging out! Thanks to everyone who made our two months out West so fun!

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