catch up

I love the idea of blogging, especially since I don't journal or scrapbook.  I have 4 yrs worth of books printed (one for each year) from this blog and they are so fun to look at, so I would like to continue! However, the task of blogging has become so obnoxious to me lately. I wish it wasn't, but maybe it's just because I am so overwhelmed with how far behind/ how much I need to catch up. Here is a quick run down of March & April's highlights. Then I promised myself I'd be better at recording our adventures. We will see.


We came back to frigid weather.

Landon can't get enough of riding his bike! And no, I don't believe in shoes... even when it's freezing.

Sam's accommodations the week he lived at the hospital.

I don't know why, but I think studio portraits are cheesy! They were having a really good deal and I needed some professional ones taken, so this is what we got (they are much better quality, i was just too lazy to scan them in appropriately).

St. Patrick's day at The Apple Barrel

Our discovery of "shrimp nuggets", Landon's new found love (conveniently located in our grocer's deli)!

Crew's favorite spot, watching Landon and the kids run around in the backyard.


Crew turns ONE!

The first of three Easter Egg Hunts

Easter morning
Easter Dinner with friends at the Shelley's

I set a goal to run a 5K and did it!


natalli said...

I always hate the thought of blogging when I've gotten behind. What do you use to publish your books?

s.s. bazodi said...

Uh- lets run a 5-k at Thanksgiving!