We were able to spend some time in St. George for thanksgiving weekend. Since it was the big BYU vs UTAH game on Saturday we dressed up to support the team. Our intention was to get a family picture of us in our matching apparel, but that never happened. I was disappointed by the last 30 seconds of the game, but life goes on. Shhhh, I actually just pretend to be a fan because Sam's really into that stuff. We are moving to St. George in about a week (unless Sam can find a super job in AZ). Change is good, especially when it involves leaving the snow behind! We're excited to be in a warmer climate and near family.


Posey Cowart said...

just find a freakin' job here! why is Lando turning into a little man! I can't believe how quick time flies by!

Em said...

Too bad you were cheering for the wrong team!!! Why does my family hate BYU? I loved it there, and I will remain loyal! Sam can come paint the outside of our house - we'll pay him well if you move here!

dan and ashley said...

that's a good offer from emmalee!! seriously screw st george- have hime work for ben.. when ARE you moving? those pics are cute! WHY didn't you get a fam pic?! wait- i think i know the answer to that.. are you allowed to call it a "trip" when it's only a couple hours away!?